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Business Plan

Publisher E-Commerce Ecosystem

Monetization for News & Media Networks
"Create New Revenue From Cost Per Sales"

New Breed of Media Driven Marketplaces

Newstype with its built-in social mechanism and attribution engine, allows our partners and media networks to gain incremental revenue, cultivate trust and build new relationships with customers.
Publishers & Media

Relevant & Engaging Content

Publisher creates curated and relevant content to attract visitors, advertisers and merchants.

Cosellers & Social Networks

Coseller Pages

Become a coseller and create content.  Utilize your digital social channels and earn money.


Branded Markets

Market, display, and sell products/services from advertisers and publish their own content.

Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms

Media Commerce Engine

Publisher Benefits

Media and newspapers are best at content creation but big tech e-commerce players have captured this market.  Newstype is an end-to-end vertically integrated solution for news media companies and independent journalists to create and shape the future of news consumption and conversations.  The SaaS technology platform allows monetization from the Internet commerce trends of online shopping and referral business.

We allow a publisher to utilize their subscribers, journalists, advertisers and your network of print and digital channels to create new revenue.

Advertiser Benefits

With one-click integration we allow advertisers to curate and sell in a new e-commerce marketplace.  Pay for results and advertisers will have the ability to leverage millions of influencers and cosellers.

Coseller Benefits
Our social commerce and marketing platform makes it easy to turn visitors and subscribers into your biggest advocates and influencers.  Cosellers earn revenue from every trackable and revenue generating referral link.

API Driven FinTech That Provides
E-Commerce to Publishers


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