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About Us

Headless Commerce  for Publishers​

Newstype creates social commerce on the internet to help businesses, creators, communities, and publishers grow by leveraging organic conversations.

Media and local newspaper publishers need to capitalize on their core foundations that make them unique to capture e-commerce revenue.  They all have subscribers, advertisers, content creators and their understanding of multiple media platforms. 

We Know Media & Publishing

Our team has worked with the media and publishing industry for over 50+ years.

Business Meeting

Newstype Mission

For over 30 years, the Internet promised open access and opportunity for everyone. However, the Internet today consists of large networks that charge too much in marketing and transaction costs, taking large bites from underlying businesses.

Newstype allows publishers to earn revenue by implementing our e-commerce platform.  Open up a new revenue channel and allow any business to connect their store to your network of cosellers, content creators and more.

We are changing the way media and publishers interact.  We are bringing cash flow back that was lost to big tech companies.

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