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Extended Sales Team

Newstype has a complete social commerce and marketing platform that allows publishers to turn your existing website traffic and content subscribers into your biggest advocates and influencers.  We have the ability for a Coseller to sign up and start earning money with one-click.  All commissions, referral links, wallets and coseller management is managed on our platform.


Cosellers Can Earn Money Every Day

How to Become a Coseller

Signing up to be a Coseller is FREE.  The process is simple and can be accomplished in a few clicks.

Online News Reading


Visitor/subscriber visits

your website

Professional Work


Join as a Coseller ecosystem through nudge points and ads



Visitor/subscriber registers as a Coseller

Online Class


Coseller shares products thus inviting more visitors.  The future Cosellers.

Leverage Big Tech

We all utilize digital platforms to connect with the world.  We encourage Cosellers to use any form of digital media to promote, share and influence sales.  Time to monetize your digital footprint on the Internet and earn money.  We have included a few below...

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

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