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Why Implement This?

News media can open new revenue channels outside of the known opportunities.  Newstype is an end-to-end vertically integrated solution for news media companies to capitalize on commerce trends of online shopping and referral business.


There is no need to worry about technology and or integrations.  Newstype is an SaaS technology platform that has integration to Quintype, Wordpress, Webflow, Ghost, Shoptype, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, UPS, Fedex, Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal, and dozens of other media, commerce and fintech platforms.

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Performance sales reporting for products and services.  Insight to the who, what and how sales happen. Three steps to get
started with Newstype...


Create partnership &



You have complete control over your marketplace.


Launch, engage advertisers, subscribers and cosellers.

Blue ocean strategy for media. 
Inverts the tech pyramid - brings back lost cash flow from BIG TECH companies.

Newstype Objectives for Media

We integrate into your existing website connecting sellers and resellers via cosellers, directly to consumers.  You earn revenue on every sale.  All product and service fulfillment is completed by your merchant.

New incremental
revenue CPS

Create cosellers from visitors & subscribers

New ad units native advertorials

AI personalized products & prediction engine

In article product
one-click e-commerce

Tiered access & monthly

Leverage your reach, audience and content

Improve Brand Experience

It's getting more and more difficult for news media companies to monetize their content on social media, because of Facebook (and also Google due to ads).  The rise of click-bait news media, which focuses on shock value, not real value, and uses outrage and other emotional triggers to further online engagement and profits from the activity and chaos. This has fragmented our society by playing on our minor differences, rather than our near-complete oneness.

Further, due to this polarization of the media sphere, fake news proliferates. Facebook is plagued with bots that render human communication impossible. The rise of deep fake tech will only make this problem far worse, and platforms like Facebook have already declared they will not combat this.


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